Dan Gilbert Speaks Out Against Donald Sterling


Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert released a statement about Donald Sterling’s alleged comments and he pretty much let Sterling have it.


Dan Gilbert might be my second least favorite owner in the NBA but I appreciate him and the NBA owners that have criticized Sterling for his comments and I hope more do so. They need to send a message that racism will not be tolerated in their league and take stern action against Sterling.

2 thoughts on “Dan Gilbert Speaks Out Against Donald Sterling

  • Guess you didn’t SEE HOW Danny-Boi behaved when Lebron left Cleveland Huh?!!!? He’s a STR8 UP RACIST TOO!!!!! His Stance is PR STUNTING and The EPITOME OF “Saving Face” from His OWN Short-Comings as a DECENT HUMAN BEING (Real…)

  • If this is the first time a white guy ever told his girlfriend he didn’t want her seen hanging out with black guys please tell us where your Utopia is and how one gains citizenship.

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