Gilbert Arenas Training For NBA Comeback

Clippers may invite Gilbert Arenas to training camp.


Could we see Gilbert Arenas back on an NBA floor near you next season? According to Gilbert himself, he has been training for a comeback. This is what he told 106.7 The Fan:

“I’m in the middle of training now,” Arenas said. “I said I’m gonna give it one more chance. I told Nick [Young] I’m gonna actually put some heart into it. You know, I lost it there for awhile.”

Gilbert is still collecting some nice checks from his NBA playing days, being paid $12M a year until 2016. So if he decided to make a comeback, it really would be for the love of the game. If his heart is really in it, I could see him hanging on a roster.

He’s a fun guy though, so it’d be entertaining at the very least for him to come back.