Smush Parker Says Kid He Punch Trying to Use His Name for Fame

Smush Parker

I could easily think of at least a million other people that someone could use for 15 minutes of fame besides Smush Parker, but that is the story they are spinning.  In fact, the reality show kid might be more famous than Smush right now.

After Smush punched a reality show kid for cooking him on the playground, he is now saying they are just using him so the kid could get better D-1 offers.

In fact, Parker believes the kid’s father — who happens to be the host of the HGTV show “House By Nogogratz” — is intentionally trying to blow the incident out of proportion to get some publicity for his son.

“The kid’s father is trying to use Smush’s name as a stepping stone to promote his son to be recruited by these high level Division 1 colleges,”

I highly doubt this is the case, but good luck selling that Smush.