Sterling’s Wife Says She’s Not a Racist, Court Docs Say Differently (Video)

Rochelle Sterling

Rochelle Sterling is at the Clippers vs. Warriors game decked out in all black and made some strong statements to ESPN’s Lisa Salters even though she declined to go on air.  She claims she isn’t a racist, doesn’t agree with anything that was said on the tape and isn’t sure if it is her husband or not on the tape (they have only been married for 57 years, of course she can’t ID his voice).

Here is the video courtesy of the Point Forward.

Unfortunately for Shelly there are some things out there about her that makes her seem no better than her husband.

Rochelle Sterling

Maybe she has changed her ways or she is smart enough to know that her husband is toxic right now and wants public perception on her side.

Whatever the case, whatever skeletons are hiding in people’s closet they will eventually come out.