AJ McCarron: “I sacrificed a lot playing for Coach Saban”


AJ McCarron sure is doing a lot of talking. He was convinced that he could go as high number 16 in the draft but didn’t end up getting picked until the 164th pick by the Bengals. Now he has a new excuse as to why he dropped so much. He sacrificed his body to play for Nick Saban:

“A lot of people don’t realize I wasn’t healthy at Alabama,” McCarron said. “I sacrificed a lot to play for coach Saban and that university; I played through a lot of injuries and we never leaked it because that’s just the way it is.

“I’ve played through a lot, just try to fight through for my teammates and my team.”

There were reports that NFL teams were turned off by AJ’s attitude and this is just another example of this. Now that he is no longer under the careful watch of Nick Saban, he sure has popped off quite a bit. There was a large gap between how AJ viewed himself and how NFL teams viewed him.

Maybe he will get the chance to show and prove on the field because he sure is confident in himself.