Browns GM Says Star WRs Like Josh Gordon Don’t Win Super Bowls


josh gordon


The Cleveland Browns look like they will be without the services of their star WR Josh Gordon for a while due to weed, but their GM Ray Farmer isn’t quite sure you need a star WR to win anyway. On Wednesday he gave his thoughts on the need for a “mega-receiver”:

“I would say ‘how important are those guys?”’ Farmer told radio partner 92.3 The Fan. “Name the last big-time receiver to win a Super Bowl. Name the last mega-guy. (Gordon) matters to me because I like the guy and I think he’s a really good player, but at the end of the day, when you look at the teams that have these mega-receivers, name the last guy that won a Super Bowl?… There are none. The last guy that really helped his team get there was T.O. (Terrell Owens).”

I will believe that they don’t place value on a top end WR the day they cut Gordon for his off the field issues. Until then, I think he is just trying to send a message. Farmer makes a valid point about past Super Bowl winning WRs, but I don’t think you go out of your way to not have a superstar WR.

Their current WR situation does leave a lot to be desired though.