Report: Roy Hibbert Wouldn’t Oppose Trade From Pacers


Roy Hibbert had the meltdown of meltdowns to close out the NBA regular season and things only got worse during the playoffs.  The all star had games during the playoffs where he didn’t post a stat line at all.

 Marc Stein of is reporting that both Hibbert and the Pacers may need a fresh start, and Hibbert’s reps wouldn’t oppose a trade from the Pacers.

There is said to be some thought on both sides — management and Hibbert’s — that a fresh start would be beneficial for everyone after the big man’s second-half decline.

Hibbert’s camp hasn’t outright asked for a trade, sources say, but word is that it wouldn’t exactly oppose one if the Pacers decide to actively shop their center.

The problem, of course, is that Hibbert has two years on his contract valued at more than $30 million. Not only would it be tough to move him with that much guaranteed money left on his deal, but he also possesses the ability to opt out after next season if he has a big bounce-back year, which could give interest teams additional pause. So, it’s tricky.

The two-years, $30 million remaining on Hibbert’s contract make it unlikely that any team would be willing to pay $15 million a season to a 7-footer who’s capable of going a whole game without scoring any points or grabbing any rebounds.

This will be an interesting summer.