Did Stephanie McMahon Piss Herself at WWE Payback (Photo)


Stephanie McMahon 2

I was wondering why Stephanie McMahon ran so quickly to the back after Brie Bella slapped her. E Wrestling News may have discovered the reason why.


Yikes! There’s a good possibility this is photo shopped, but if it’s not Steph may need to be potty trained again.


  1. Just watched this with my wife. At first I did not notice the dark patch at the back but I did notice that THE STEPHANIE MCMAHON , THE BOSS does not run from the ring like that… something was defiantly up with her. My wife picked up the stain and we put 2 and 2 together. I love the dress but she was defiantly running away from a heavy shit…uation

  2. That is way to irregularly shaped to be a panel of fabric. Unless the person who sewed it was s’faced drunk. Had to be a bodily malfunction.

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