LeBron Says Coming Back From 3-1 is Not All on His Shoulders

LeBron doesn't need any more motivation

When you are the best player in the world, you are going to get critique/praised fairly and unfairly, it just comes with the territory. Rational individuals can see that the Heat problems go far beyond LeBron James, but as the leader he has to figure out a way to get his teammates going or those critiques are going to get a lot louder.

The way he answered this question was a little backwards, he says he tries to take the pressure off his teammates by taking all the heat, no pun intended, while saying he can’t do it alone.

Although James has been the Heat’s most consistent player in this series — averaging 27.5 points in the four games — he often becomes the focus of criticism when they lose. It’s a reality he has come to accept, not just live with. But for the Heat to come back in this series, James made a point of saying he could not carry the Heat alone.

“It’s not all on my shoulders,” James said. “It’s not. I understand I get a lot of the limelight in the press and all that, but it’s not all on my shoulders. I take a lot of it, but I do it for my teammates and I want them to put a lot of pressure on me in that sense.”

The Heat are capable of winning three in row, it is a long shot, but the series is not over just yet. But, LeBron is right, it is going to take a full team effort or they will be going fishing Sunday Night.

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