Mexican Drug Lord Captured After Coming Out of Hiding to Watch World Cup

Drug Cartel

Fernando Sanchez Arellano, the head of the Tijuana-based Arellano Felix drug cartel, was arrested while watching the Mexican National Team defeat Croatia on Monday. The man who inspired the Academy Award winning film Traffic, was totally consumed by the match while he was eating at a local restaurant.

Arellano was wearing a Mexican National Team jersey & even had his cheeks painted green & red. He had $100,000.00 in cash on him, when he was captured. He was described by DEA Agent Gary Hill as “almost like a ghost.” In 2013 the DEA listed him as one of the six most dangerous criminals operating in the Tijuana area. There was a 30 million peso ($2.3 million) reward for information leading to his capture.

This is an surprising twist after years of bloody warfare, but it’s also a showcase of how sports can unify people from all walks of life. He was arrested before the match ended. Mexico’s 3-1 win, clinched their spot in the World Cup’s knockout stage.

(Story via International Business Times)