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Pouncey Brothers Allegedly Beat Up Man Because He’s Gay (Photos)

by Natasha Paul | Posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2014
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A man named Ricky Vasquez and a woman going by the name Honey both claim that Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice attacked them and beat them up at a local Miami club. These are just allegations but they definitely show proof on their social media accounts that something happened to them.

Vasquez took to Twitter around 5am to describe what he claims as the Pouncey brothers attacking him for being gay, then explains more in an Instagram video.

“I didn’t know that stuff like this actually f*cking happens to people,” he says in one video. “All I can remember is standing in a crowded club and this big guy keeps hitting me in my back, I look at him and I’m like, OK, he’s obviously turned up. And he just keeps hitting me. I ignore it. I keep ignoring the guy — he’s calling me a faggot. I realize that there’s two of the guys. Now they’re both in my face. The next thing I know, Honey tries to break it up. One of them punches Honey in the face, the other one punches me or the same one, I don’t know. Security comes.

Whether or not it was the Pouncey twins remain to be seen, but if Vasquez and Honey’s story can be verified, the Pouncey twins are looking at a world of trouble beyond just beating up someone at a club. Ever since the Dolphins bullying scandal, the NFL has been cracking down severely on any negative behavior like this. Gay bashing would definitely not be tolerated by the NFL or the Dolphins and Steelers organizations. It does seem odd that Vasquez and Honey decided to go to social media to discuss the situation rather than contacting the police immediately. However, since there is no police report, we can only assume the details of the story to be true until we have more information.

Pouncey Ricky Vasquez

Pouncey Ricky Vasquez 2

[h/t New Times]

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  1. london aoki says:

    Ricky clearly stated they contacted the police! Then he went to social media. Next time do a better job reporting instead of adding your own unnecessary two cents…….

  2. Buckner954 says:

    Seems like the bullying goes farther than the DOLPHINS locker room… hate is hate! These jackazzes need to be away from the public because they’ve got some serious behavioral problems! I wouldn’t support the teams they play for unless there is some action. People should also boycott this club because you could be the next victim to the next guest who has more money! This is no different from Sterling bashing black NBA players, they should be charged with a hate crime!

  3. Alicia says:

    This is horrible I am always entertained by this young man Ricky Vasquez on my daughters instagram and when she told me what happen to him I felt so bed for him . He did not deserve that nor did his friend girls this has to stop these to football players are always on the news about something . I really hope the police investigates because they will think they can do it to someone else because of them being gay it’s not right everyone have a right to be who they are.

  4. Bossy says:

    Sports players get away with everything all the time but this STOPS NOW! How dare you put your hands on a person who did NOTHING to you… these players also hit a woman? At this point I’m disgusted with the twins and not only with I absolutely NOT support any time that signs them…. I’ll boycott any event they show up to, continue to write anyone that supports the LGBT lifestyle including the paper and celebrity LGBTQ activist. I’ll be damned if anymore of my friends get treated this way…. and Cameo security, luckily for you all I can’t pin point exactly who did what… u fuckin pussies!!!!

  5. Monica says:

    He’s lying. I follow him on twitter and he deleted the tweets about him bring drunk and drinking. And if anyone else follows him on instagram you will see how he behaves in clubs. He’s wild and out of control. He doesn’t even sound believable on the videos he posted. Yes his face is swollen, there was an altercation but he is no victim or as innocent as he proclaims. Now’s he not on instagram anymore.. i guess he’s recovering? lol But he was live and effect all morning yesterday. GET OVER YOURSELF ricky.

  6. Buckner954 says:

    @ Monica, so all three are lying with knots on their heads? I guess you think they did that to make a report? That makes absolutely no sense at all to do at 4am! Whether drunk or not, it still doesn’t give bullies the right to touch anyone! To verbally abuse and put your hands on someone against their will is Assault and Battery!! How would you feel if the same happened to you? They need to know when they’re on the damn football field and when they’re among the public, I’m a nurse and could be sued for the same or less! Besides, if he deleted any posts, they can track them… let the investigation speak for itself! The so called High and mighty do this crap when they think others are beneath them. All players aren’t like this,some are humbled,but you hear too much about the aggressiveness of the named! Regardless, the accused football players, bouncers, club owners and police who refused to report should all suffer the repercussions! Money shouldn’t make anyone feel invincible and another inferior!

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