Congrats to Undrafted Rookie Ethan Westbrooks For Making Rams Roster


Ethan Westbrooks

The first thing you might notice about Westbrooks are his tattoos on his neck and face. He has an interesting reason why he chose to get those tattoos.

Westbrook was working at Toys R Us and going to community college, but felt he needed to be more motivated in his efforts to become an NFL player so he decided to do this….

“I was just like I might as well go ahead and get it on the face because if nothing else, it will help motivate me to either be a guy that has a tattoo on his face looking for another job or hopefully I make it in the NFL and don’t have to work too hard to do something (else),” Westbrooks said. “I don’t feel it’s a bad thing now. I don’t regret it. It speaks for itself.”

Westbrooks went undrafted mainly because he played at the very small Division II West Texas A&M. His production was impressive and he did well in the East-West Shrine game, but still his name wasn’t called during the NFL draft.

Westbrooks says the supposed discipline problems he had at West Texas A&M weren’t true and he knew he could still make an NFL roster. He was offered deals by both the Cowboys and Rams, but chose the Rams even though there was more competition. He has had an impressive preseason where he clearly outplayed in camp and  games his closest competition.

For Westbrooks his motivation was simple, he has a 3-year-old daughter to take care of and doesn’t want to go back to working at Toys R Us.

Against all those odds he has made the Rams roster because of his production on the field and that is the way it should be.

In other news Rams cut 7th rd draft pick Michael Sam.

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  1. Trolling @ its best… The fact that he beat out michael sam for a spot is the only reason this is a story. There are more than 40 undrafted players making NFL rosters, but you chose to write about and congratulate this guy… I wonder why.

  2. What an unprofessional piece of s%*& you are dude. You celebrated when Rob Parker got fired too. I’m done with this typo riddled site.

  3. I’m glad you did this article, going from toys r us to an NFL team is impressive happy for the man

  4. @thomas kelly this is a feel good story but there was no need to mention michael sam. Robert knows what topics generate the most site visits (Money from ad clicks) Lebron, manziel, michael sam. That is the only reason he was mentioned to make sure people still visited this article.

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