Kardashian Says Keyshawn Johnson Purposely Sold Her Mold Infested House


kourtneykeyshawnThe eldest of the Kardashian clan Kourtney, believes former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson’s pulled a fast one on her. After buying his old pad, she is livid to find out that it is infested with mold. According to TMZ, the mold was covered by a coat of paint  and was discovered by a decorator while installing light fixtures.

Kourtney and the kids checked into the Montage hotel in Bev Hills Monday. The photo agency didn’t get Scott Disick … but we’re told he arrived later. The family just returned from the Hamptons and decided it was too dangerous to move back into the house — especially since Kourtney is pregnant.

This is a very serious issue. With Kourtney being pregnant with her third child, living in a house with mold is very hazardous to their health. A source claims that she is on the attack and plans to sue anybody who is responsible for this.

One has to wonder why she didn’t get the house thoroughly inspected before she bought it. Keyshawn Johnson could not be contacted.

Actually, Keyshawn has the answer to that question.