Mitch McGary: I Smoked The Weed, So What?

Michigan v Louisville

Last season OKC Thunder’s Mitch McGary faced a one year NCAA ban after testing positive for marijuana while playing for the University of Michigan. The 6’10 forward believes the entire situation was actually good for him.

“It was a learning moment. The way I handled it was mature and responsible so I think people actually took my side against the NCAA,” he explained.

“You know what? I did. Whatever. So what? I learned from it,” he said. “It was the opposite of harming somebody.”

I actually appreciate his honesty. So many people would have given a BS politically correct answer or just lied.

One thought on “Mitch McGary: I Smoked The Weed, So What?

  • Great pro prospect and a refreshingly candid response to (actually) smoking some weed in college, while recovering from serious back surgery. Recreational use is cool in college. If not when he is young then when?

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