Jerry Jones Says He Doesn’t Regret Signing Brandon Weeden


Weeden’s 183-yard, two-interception performance against the Cardinals on Sunday, gave the Cowboys an idea about how cruel life could really be without the services of Tony Romo.

We can cut Weeden some slack because it was the division leading Cardinals, but the Cowboys offense look woefully inept with him under center.

Jones was asked, but wouldn’t admit that signing Weeden was a mistake.

“I don’t second guess that at all because we lost games with those experienced quarterbacks, with the quarterbacks that were more experienced,” Jones told reporters. “As a matter of fact we got knocked out of the playoffs with the more experienced quarterback last year, and so I think it’s all relevant.”

“I hoped he’d have a better day today, but the Cardinals had something to do with that as well,” Jones said.

Weeden, who couldn’t get a ball to Dez Bryant until the fourth quarter, is not the answer if Tony Romo has anymore issues.