FL Woman Gets Naked in Johnny Rockets; Pours Ketchup on Booty


How will I ever be able to eat at Johnny Rockets again?

I am going to assume she was on drugs.

Miami Beach police arrested Angelic Isabella Valle on Thursday on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior, incite to riot, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

According to an incident report, Valle walked to the second floor of the building and began spitting down. Police said she came down the stairs topless and began turning over tables and chairs.

According to police, Valle placed a steel chair leg into her buttocks while a group of men surrounded her inside the restaurant. They said other customers ran off.

Valle is also accused of charging at several men in the crowd and taking off the lower part of her bikini. Police said she laid naked on a table and poured ketchup on herself while dancing.

A witness told Valle that the cops were coming and she grabbed a towel and left, telling the crowd, “Look me up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,”

The big homie was WAY too excited this was going down.


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