Is the Nigel Knott Bleacher Report Announcement Too Much? (Video)


Nigel Knott

I know we are in the social media era but to me this seems like a bit much. What happened to the days when highschool athletic would just sit down with their close family and decide on their collegiate futures. Now a days there are cameras, a hand full of coaches and tons of fans around when players give these 5-10 minute press conferences to decide their future. Nigel Knott, a 4-star cornerback, teamed up with BleacherReport to create a one of a kind video to announce his future.

To me this just gives off the wrong image and puts so much pressure on a kid. Knott is just a young teenage boy and to be giving a platform like this so soon seems like the media is setting the bar too high a little too early. I hope Knott can live up to the hype but it won’t be easy at the University of Alabama. He’s will no longer be the most talented played on his team as he most likely was in high school. Nothing will be giving to him at Alabama and the team will expect him to play well on the field as they are competing for a National Championship each year. Not to mention that some teammates may envy him because they weren’t showcased in the same way. Only time will tell but best of luck to Nigel Knott.