Ray Lewis Says Terence Crutcher Isn’t Race Driven; Brings Up Black on Black Crime (Video)


Ray Lewis says a lot of things here and he is all over the place.

His first point about the murders not being race driven, but hate driven is more semantics. You have to hate someone’s race or be very fearful of that race for these type of crimes to occur.

The Black on Black crime speech he gave has nothing to do with police officers who are supposed to protect us assassinating us in the streets. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. No one brings up white on white crime when someone white is done wrong by the police.

No one ever seems to mention that black on black crime happens because of the 300 years of being held down by society economically, socially and 1000 more ways. People who have no hope always are more likely to resort to crime regardless of their skin color, but once again that has nothing to do with what happened to Terence Crutcher.

His point about black people need to value each other more is one I agree with, but once again what does that have to do with 4 cops walking away and not rendering aid to someone they just shot who had his hands up?

He speaks on telling his son to just do what the cops asks him to do. In theory that is good advice, but we have seen cops kill a kid within 2 seconds, shoot people in the back, choke people out who are saying they can’t breathe and kill people who aren’t doing anything but sitting in their car, so that doesn’t really help either does it?

Ray Lewis always says a lot, but he really isn’t saying anything. The only thing he is doing is distracting from the message which is police are killing black people who if they were white would still be alive.

It is simple, don’t need a sermon.

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