Tiger Woods’ New GF & Ex-NFL Wife Detained at Airport For Having $200k of His Cash


Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend that looks like all of his other girlfriends.

He definitely has a type.

The 40-year-old golfer is dating 32-year-old personal stylist Kristin Smith, Radar Online reported.

Smith’s cousin told the website that the relationship is ‘awesome’ so far, but she is not ‘allowed to talk about it’.

The blonde beauty has a striking resemblance to both Wood’s ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

Smith, who is mother-of-one, owns the personal styling group called The CLAD Life.

The Florida native was briefly married to former Dallas Cowboys player Gerald Sensabaugh.

She had a little bit of a problem carrying around all of Tiger Woods’ money.

According to police records obtained by Radar, Dallas stylist Kristin Smith, 33, was stopped by police at Palm Beach Airport — not far from Tiger’s Florida estate — at roughly 7:30 in the morning on April 25. The issue? During a routine security screening, police had found $200,000 in her bag!

“Upon arrival I made contact with Kristin, who when asked about the money … stated is this going to be available to the public,” the attending officer stated in an incident report obtained by Radar.

“I then asked where did the money come from and did she have a receipt or proof of where the money came from. Kristen stated her boyfriend gave it to her,” the officer continued. “I asked her if her boyfriend could show proof [as] to where the money came from, to which Kristin stated she did not want to talk to me anymore.”

According to reports Tiger wants to keep the relationship on the low that is why she didn’t want to talk.

Once Tiger confirmed the money was his and he had given it to her willingly they let her go.

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