Details on Ex-NBA Steve Francis Violating His Bond & Now Facing Additional Punishment


Stevie Franchise simply can’t stay out of trouble.

It all links back to his drinking and drug problem.

The trouble all stems from the ex-NBA star’s drunk driving arrest back in November — when cops say he was driving around Houston while hammered and in possession of weed.

At the time, Francis was released on bond — and was ordered to NOT drink a drop of alcohol. He was also ordered to put a breathalyzer device in his car.

But, officials say he blew off his blowing obligations and didn’t use the device — a violation of the terms of his bond.

He appeared in court Thursday, where the judge dropped the hammer by ordering him to wear a SCRAM bracelet — which constantly monitors alcohol consumption. It also has a GPS tracking device (he’s not allowed to leave Texas).

Hopefully he gets the helps he needs.

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