Simone Biles Talks To BSO About Life After Rio Olympics (Video)

We had the opportunity to talk to Simone Biles as she partnered up with Kellogg’s Cereal to bring awareness to a topic that isn’t thought about in this country, child hunger. In addition, we chatted about life after the Olympics.

Being apart of good causes is what it’s really all about, especially when they shine light on a topic that not many think about. One issue that is plaguing this country is child hunger. Here is a scary fact that Kellogg’s shared with us:

Chicago’s Cook County ranked among the top five counties in the nation with more than 100,000 children facing food insecurity. And in Houston, 1 in 4 children face food insecurity.

Simone Biles took the opportunity to chat with us in regards to her charity work with Kellogg’s as this is a major issue. Biles was in Houston as she wants to help spread knowledge about this topic. In addition to discussing this, we also spoke about life after the Olympics, her upcoming dance opportunity in Dancing With The Stars, and her thoughts on helping to spread positive body images. You can listen in above.

At just the tender age of 19, she’s making such a huge impact and we’re sure to expect way more from her in the years to come.

Erika Fernandez

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