Why Giving Up Kyrie or Kevin Love For Paul George Doesn’t Really Help The Cavs


The Cavs have already hit up the Pacers about Paul George and if they are indeed willing to part with Kyrie or Kevin Love, the Pacers should pull the trigger because they aren’t going to get a better player.

The Cavs are willing to enter into trade talks for George without any assurances he will commit to a long-term deal in Cleveland, a source familiar with the Cavs’ thinking told ESPN. Cleveland is confident its championship culture and overall atmosphere could sway George to want to stay after playing out the 2017-18 season on the final year of his deal.

That said, there are only two assets the Cavs possess that would likely grab the Pacers’ attention in a potential swap Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

And to part with either the 25-year-old Irving or the 28-year-old Love, both coming off All-Star seasons and on relatively economical long-term deals, without any verbal commitment from George that he planned to stay in Cleveland beyond 2018 would be “hard” to agree to, one source familiar with the Cavs’ thinking told ESPN.

Does adding Paul George make the Cavs better if they have to give up Kyrie or Kevin Love? I don’t think so, especially Kyrie and while Kevin Love has had his struggles with Cavs,┬áit is hard seeing Paul George not having same struggles considering how much LeBron and Kyrie lord over the ball.

I wouldn’t expect this trade to happen and even if it did, I don’t think the Warriors would be that concerned about it.

If I am Paul George I am hoping that LeBron decides his time in Cleveland is over and joins him in 2018 with Lakers.


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