McGregor Describes Black Boxers in Apollo’s Gym in Rocky 3 as “Dancing Monkeys” (Video)

McGregor has a history of saying very stereotypical and downright racist things. He gets a pass because he is Irish, the excuse being it is different meanings in Ireland.

But, if I was to go to Ireland and started calling people a Coal-Cracker and tried to brush it off because I am an American, I doubt they would give me the same benefit of the doubt.

McGregor keeps calling Mayweather a boy, which isn’t cool and here is something most people missed, but was caught by the Sporting News.

While doing an interview for the Jimmy Kimmel show he was asked about Rocky 3. There is a scene from Rocky 3 where Rocky goes to Apollo old gym to train after he is beat by Clubber Lang. McGregor describes this scene as “the gym with the Dancing Monkeys”.

Calling a black man a monkey is even worse than “boy”. McGregor is a smart guy, maybe he knows he can get away with it, but it is really beneath him to act like this when he knows better.

Flip the page for the clip and scene from Rocky…

48 thoughts on “McGregor Describes Black Boxers in Apollo’s Gym in Rocky 3 as “Dancing Monkeys” (Video)

  • Just want to ask a question (and make no assumptions): if you are playing pick-up bball, and a Mexican guy is saying “good shot, boi! Nice pass, boi!” to his black teammates — is that racist? It seems like a colloquialism within the confines of a bball game to me. I see this anytime I play ball at a local park in Houston. Seems to be the same thing in this situation with Connor trying to promote the fight. Just my take on this one incident.

  • Man him and Floyd are buddies. All this stuff is for hype. That’s it. Conor be in Vegas kicking it with Floyd. Lol. They’re just giving us the real life version of the movie “The Great White Hype”.

  • Tasteless remarks to make on world wide TV. The dance for me boy didn’t really bother me much even tho I can see how it comes off as offensive but the dancing monkeys comment is crossing the line. You don’t insult or offend a whole race or nationality to sell tickets for a lousy ass fight! It’s not a cop out or playing the race card it’s about what’s right! If Floyd made a comment like that they would eat him alive(media). Don’t give Connor a
    pass because he’s coming off as playful or selling the fight! Floyd’s daughter was present that day when he made the comments I would have felt disrespected!

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