Details on Ezekiel Elliott’s Accuser Having Sex With Teammate Lucky Whitehead as Payback For Breakup (Docs)


It makes sense now why karma hit Lucky Whitehead so hard this offseason.

He broke one of the most sacred of guy rules. You don’t sleep with your teammate’s ex-girlfriend especially when she is just using you to get back at him.

According to docs from Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal hearing he spoke about how when he had good games that Tiffany Thompson would text him things to upset him, in this case that she had slept with Whitehead.

Once again if you want to know why people are believed Elliott over her, just look at this small snippet.

Another time, July 22, 2016, the last time they were together, Elliott says she threatened him in front of a group of about 10-15 people celebrating his 21st birthday.

“You f***** up, it’s over,” Thompson said, according to Elliott. “I’m going to ruin your career, no one’s going to believe you. You’re a black athlete, I’m a white girl; no one’s going to believe you.”

The NFL doesn’t want you to see this information, but even their lead investigator knew that Elliott was being set up and they suspended him anyway.

It was definitely an abuse of power.

Flip the page for the doc on how Elliott found out Whitehead was sleeping with Thompson, which included hotel receipts…



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