Roger Goodell Signs New 5-Year $200 Million Contract Extension; He’s Paid More Per Year Than Any NFL Player, But There is a Catch

The question is how hard is it to meet that incentives.

If they are easily attainable really means nothing.

What does Jerry Jones think of all this?

Blank said he spoke to the chief and vocal opponent of the deal, Dallas owner Jerry Jones, twice in the past few days, including Tuesday night. Jones had threatened to sue the owners last month because he was opposed to the tenor of the negotiations with Goodell and to extending him with a year-and-a-half left on his contract when there were so many contentious issues buffeting the league. Blank said Jones “understands the contract and how we got here,” and said Jones would be presenting some proposals on league matters important to him soon. There is a league meeting in Dallas next week. Pragmatist that he is, Jones could use that meeting to smooth over some of the rough feelings left by him going rogue in these negotiations and making some sensitive internal committee details public. In the end, it’s clear Jones still harbored resentment over the rush to extend Goodell for the next six-plus years.

I don’t think this battle is over.