China Explains Why The Want the Funeral Strippers to Chill….

Come again?

It is wild times.

China officials have launched its latest crackdown on funeral strippers. Yes, funeral strippers.

The country’s Ministry of Culture announced late last month that it will be targeting a slew of rural provinces “for their obscene and vulgar performances at weddings, funerals and temple fairs,” China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported.

As part of the new crackdown, a special “hotline” will be set up for the public to report any “funeral misdeeds” in exchange for a monetary reward, according to news outlet.

It has been a longtime tradition in rural China for residents to hire strippers to partake in bawdy performances at funerals in order to attract a larger attendance of mourners.

Those locals believe that a high turnout at funerals is a sign of honor for the dead.

Who is going to snitch?