Karrueche on Not Being Concerned That Victor Cruz Cheated on His Fiancee With 200 Side Chicks Because He’s a Gentleman to Her (Photos)

What is in the past stays in the past.

Victor Cruz’s baby mama and fiancee broke up with him after she texted his 200 side chicks after finding out he was cheating.

Karrueche confirms they are dating and why she likes him in an interview with Ebony.

Speaking of love, is there any truth to reports that you’re dating Victor Cruz?

[Laughs] Yeah! We’ve been hanging out and getting to know one another. My main priority is always work, but he’s a gentleman. He’s a sweet guy and he’s really nice. We’re taking it slow, but yes!

Flip the page for the text message his ex-fiancee sent to his side chicks and more photos of Karreuche.