Rick Ross’ 911 Call Released; Caller Speaks on Him Not Breathing Well, Blood Coming Out of His Mouth & Sh*tting on Himself (Video)

It was definitely a serious situation for Rick Ross.

It looks like he is going to be ok, but really needs to take care of himself going forward.

‘I have a friend of mine, at his house, he’s breathing hard and throwing up. I need an ambulance here ASAP,’ a friend told emergency responders in a 911 call obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

‘I know he’s had seizures before. He took his medicine earlier, but he’s not breathing right.’

The caller said that Ross was had a history of seizures and that they tried to wake him but he was ‘slobbing out the mouth’.

‘I just happened to get up and go up and check,’ the friend told emergency responders. ‘Our friend… was kind of breathing hard.’

When asked if Ross was awake, the friend said: ‘He’s in and out.’

He added: ‘He has cold sweats and is breathing real hard,’ he said. ‘He’s been shaking real bad.’

Later in the conversation, the man said Ross had been vomiting, and ‘when it came up it looked a little like blood’

A dispatch report of the incident from Davie Police Department said Ross became ‘combative’ when officers attended the scene and it added that he ‘Boo-Bood on himself’.

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