Dallas-Fort Worth Club Denies Black Man Entry Because He’s Wearing Jordans; Black Guy Switches Shoes With White Friend; White Friend Tries To Get In With Jordans; You Know What Happens Next

A popular Dallas-Fort Worth nightclub called Varsity Tavern is in hot water after being exposed for its racism. Sam Sayed, a white man in the area, was out with friends looking for a good time. His friend Stephen, who is a black man, was the victim of the profiling by the venue.

Varsity denied entry to Stephen for wearing Jordans. He and Sam decided to try to catch the club of being racist on the spot, according to the Star-Telegram. Stephen gave another white friend of his, Sean Gallagher, his Jordans to see if the club would let him in. Sure enough, he was allowed in while Stephen managed to get in wearing Sean’s shoes.

When both got into the venue, they switched back to their original shoes. Once the Varsity saw that Stephen was back in his J’s, they kicked him out.

Much respect to the men who used their white privilege to expose an establishment for their blatant racism.

Flip the page to see Sam’s Facebook post exposing Varsity for their racism.