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The 5 Pimp Focus Rules Rick Pitino Broke

1- Never have sex in a bar

As I tweeted yesterday ( this isn’t “True Blood” normal people shouldn’t be having sex on pool tables (even though she does look like a Vampire but I digress). Especially if they are high profile coaches with a wife and five kids.

I want to know what type of drinks Pitino had that would cause him to believe it was a good idea to just sleep with a random woman in a bar. I find it hilarious that someone was in the bar while the bed gammon was happening.

Rick you make millions of dollars get a room under an assume name you are smarter than that.


2- Watch your homies

After Karen Sypher started acting crazy Pitino arranged to meet her at his equipment manager condo. His name is Tim Sypher (you see where this is going right).

Six months later Tim & Karen are happily married and trying to milk Pitino for millions.

When you are bringing your “NoHo” to your boy’s condo, you need to make sure he is your real friend. Your real friend helps you come up with the hush money. I can’t tell you how many times Sam the African has gotten me out of a jam. He doesn’t marry the “NoHo”. What part of the game is this?

3- Not watching Maury Povich

After two weeks the woman tells Pitino that she is pregnant and Pitino immediately believes her. Has Rick never seen an episode of Maury you can never ever believe the “NoHo”. It had only been two weeks. Smarten up Rick. According to the Pimp Focus manual as soon as the woman says she is pregnant you say:

“We are going to get it confirmed by a doctor right now.”

4- The non-use of Google

Pitino is in panic mode when he is trying to convince her to get rid of the baby that she isn’t carrying (she was lying I am 100% sure of that). He asks her how much it will take to make the problem go away.

She tells him $3000.

Excuse me?

I am not a doctor, but I do own an internationally recognize sports site and I know it doesn’t take $3000 to have an abortion.
For $3000 she would be more likely to be able to pay for twins than to have an abortion.

The internet is your friend Rick.

5- 10>5

I preach this across the country. It doesn’t matter if you are a janitor or you are Kobe Bryant if you are going to go down, go down cheating with a 10 not a 5.

Trust me if you ever see me on the news for anything like this the woman will look like this.


She surely won’t look like the woman Pitino was rolling around in the bar with. Come on you are Rick Pitino you wear $3000 suits (don’t you love my wit) you are better than this.