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Limbaugh’s Dropped From Rams Purchase Bid

Rush_LimbaughI was checking out and saw a story that Rush Limbaugh is no longer in the group bidding to own the Rams.  Frankly, I think that’s good news.  But I did something that I decided I would stop doing a while ago; I read the comments posted after the story.  Everyone has their own values, beliefs, and political leanings.  But I still find it amazing, simply AMAZING, how much ignorance and hatred still permeates the American society.  It also amazes me how brave, how ridiculously large people’s balls courage grow behind the anonymity of the internet.  People always leave stupid comments on sports articles, but some of the comments I saw reflect what I feel is a lot of buried, or suppressed hatred and/or anger in our increasingly politically correct world.

I was against Rush Limbaugh being part of an ownership group for an NFL team because I felt that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from spewing his political agenda somehow through his team.  To show just how he brings things out of people, Peter King said in one of his Monday Morning Quarterback columns:

If Rush Limbaugh becomes part-owner of the St. Louis Rams — which I’m told is not even close to happening right now — he may want to do something about the organization’s political leanings. According to, no NFL team in the past 20 years has donated more money to the Democratic Party than the Rams. Politico reported in September that the Rams had given $230,050 to the Democrats, or 98 percent of the franchise’s total political donations. That would mean that in 20 years, the Rams have given about $4,600 to Republicans. That’s not even enough for a 30-second spot on Limbaugh’s national radio show.

I had a lot of respect for Peter King.  I still do, but lost a little bit when he proclaimed Brett Favre better than Elway, and now this.  Who cares how teams donate?  There are plenty of teams that donate to Republicans just as much as the Rams donate democratic.  I believe that sports should be sports.  Although politics will always be divisive, sports have always served to unite people.  People who otherwise have nothing in common can get together to cheer on their favorite team.  Rush Limbaugh is a divisive person.  I wouldn’t want Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to own football teams either because they are divisive people in their own way.  Limbaugh’s divisiveness goes beyond theirs.

But back to the comments, there were hateful comments on so many levels related to Limbaugh.  I just want to put a couple of them up.  By the way, I love the people who comment on BSO.  Even when they have something negative to say, or when they disagree, they do it with class.  I wish more people were like our readers.  On with the show (I’m leaving their “names” out.  You can go to any web article and see hateful things like this if you want):

Better get the ditto heads a rattle, they’re gonna cry over this one. Maybe even a woobie is in order.

Unless they make a team for Limbaugh to own, give him all the best players, and let them play Detroit every week with unlimited downs…the NFL is a Nazi Socialist Czarist bunch of Liberals who hate America and the troops!

Your Limbaugh listener is the type of guy who plays Madden on the easiest level, creates themselves in the game with all “99’s”.

-That one’s rather tame, and sarcastic.

I wonder what will happen or if Limbaugh will ever pursue a defamation lawsuit? The erroneous published quotes, negative publicity from Sharpton obviously hurt this business venture. NOW if the quotes are proven to be true then he got what he deserves. I am a person who likes proof…NOT HEAR SAY FROM A WIKI SITE!!!!

-See where this is headed?  Limbaugh supporters are going to say liberal racists are keeping him down.

Congrat liberal idiots you have succeeded yet again in not allowing the American Dream to succeed. Tomorrow morning I will wake up to see that Obama takes military adive from Joe Biden instead of Military Commanders, health care will be run by the people who ran the post office into bankruptcy and the dollar will be flushed down the toilet and we are run by China. The liberal agenda will fail us all. It is truly a sad, sad day as racist leftists win the day. This will be my last post until tomorrow. Laugh as you might, but you will regret it. America is no longer equal.

I fully expect Rush to bid on his own.

-A classic.  When you can’t put it any better, call everyone who disagrees a liberal idiot.

but when did limbaugh kill those dogs?

-So since Vick is in the NFL, Limbaugh should also be.  Makes sense to me…

One small step for the LA rams

One giant leap for what’s wrong with this country

I gotta say as a Jags fan. I will sleep a just a little easier. As an American I’d love to throw a Toyota through a wall.

-As an immigrant to this great nation myself (came when I was 8), I really enjoy reading these kind of comments.  If it ain’t American, get it out of here, right??

MMMMMMmmmmmmMmmmmmmmm republican tears still flowing? TASTES SO GOOD

-See, liberals can be sarcastic and mean too.

And now my favorite comment on the story on PFT:

looks like the real haters rang in and got in the way of keeping the rams in st. loo.

white folks arent allowed to say anything. so much for the first amendment!

that means blacks and other assorted useful idiots are the real haters, to use a word i dont like to use.

all interracial crime is black on white. (all the dogfighters i know of are black too.)

that isnt because black people love white people.

Now, the point of this was to poke a little fun at comments that I found entertaining, but also to show that people really can’t help themselves when they have anonymity.  It is also to show that Limbaugh is as divisive as thought.  I said before that I don’t know if he’s really what he portrays himself to be on the radio, but he’s certainly convincing.  I don’t care about other people’s political views when it comes to reading sports articles.  And yes, the news about Limbaugh as relating to his bid to own the St. Louis Rams is a sports story.  I know that we as humans can’t help but put our bias on anything we do (I know mine shows sometimes), no matter how hard we try, but I wish that people would restrain themselves when they post comments behind the anonymous wall of hulk-like muscle the internet can give anyone.

Bottom line is that the NFL doesn’t need anyone like Rush Limbaugh in a position of power.  His enablers and his sheep followers don’t need more of a reason to spread their views whether they think it’s their right.  Funny thing about the 1st amendment right to free speech:  Everyone thinks they can say whatever they want, but nobody is allowed to react negatively to what they say.  Rush’s would-be partner Dave Checketts has seen the reaction to Rush exercising his 1st amendment right (which is about all he does seem to exercise).