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Robert Littal’s 3 Piece & A Biscuit NFL Week 5 Review

On the menu this week Cowboys Fan, Derek Andersen historic day, Wildcats, The Hat & Kiss the Baby.

The Thigh: Easier there Cowboy Fan

So when Miles Austin went all STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN on the Chiefs (see video for reference)

he in essence saved Wade Phillips job for now, “Cowboy Fan” and the Cowboys themselves acted as if they just won the Super Bowl or at least the BCS.

This gets to the root of what is wrong with the Cowboys. When you are a good team you dismantle teams like the Chiefs like a Klitschko would do against any American Heavyweight. When you are an average team you play down to your competition and then feel relief that you dodged a bullet.

I knew this season was destine to be average at best on the day they released Terrell Owens and it wasn’t because T.O. was going to make that much of a difference in the way the team operated. It was because to a man they all put the blame for their failures as a team on Owens. None of them took any responsibility themselves. Not Jerry, not Romo, not Wade, not Garrett, not anyone.

A team with real leaders and real structure would never use a “scapegoat” they would “man up”. I honestly believe that the Cowboys believed that Owens was their only problem and now that it is clear that’s not the case they seem lost.

With that are being said they are still 3-2 and have an opportunity to prove everyone wrong, but until then remember you struggled to beat a team in OT that lost to the Raiders.

The Leg: Derek Anderson Wow..Just…Wow

2-17 23 yards and an INT

I know what you are thinking, sounds like your typical JaMarcus Russell day, but no this was the line of Cleveland QB Derek Anderson.

The shocking thing is:

HE WON!!!!!!

How bad do you have to feel as a Bill fan when your team loses to a team that QB only completes two passes all game?

How bad does Brady Quinn feel knowing he can’t beat out a guy who just threw for 23 yards?

As I stated yesterday they should have paid the Bills fans for having to watch that game.

The Wing: Wildcat Exclusive

The only team that should be allowed to run the “Wildcat” is the Miami Dolphins. The reason is simple, most teams use the Wildcat as gimmick, the Dolphins take it seriously. You can see the difference. It is ran perfectly while other teams look confused and uncomfortable running it.

Ronnie Brown in the Wildcat is a better QB right now than Michael Vick and JaMarcus Russell.

Plus it has revitalized the career of Shady Grady aka Pretty Ricky that is what we called him aka Ricky Williams. If the “Wildcat” was a weed, Ricky would be high as hell.

The Biscuit: Kiss the Baby

When did you ever think the words “Tough” & “Bengals” would be combined in the same sentence?

Maybe on National Geographic, but not the football team. But the Cincinnati Bengals have been punched in the mouth each week and have come back swinging and eventually have knocked out their opponents.

Who DEY?

The Drink: Bill Belichick’s Hat

Patriots Broncos Football

I am going to let you make your own comments on this.