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Robert Littal 3 Piece & a Biscuit NFL Week 4 Review

On the menu this week. Should VY be starting, ESPN Bathwater Slurping, Who is to blame in Big D, T.O. Serenity Now and Ravens complaining.

The Thigh- Is it Vince Young’s time?

When the Titans benched Vince Young last year I thought it was the proper thing to do. He had some sort of mental breakdown and at that point he was not ready or equipped to lead a football team.

Kerry Collins did a wonderful job leading the Titans to a 13-3 season and playoff appearance. But as I stated in my NFL preview you normally only catch lightening in a bottle with these “old” quarterbacks for one season.

Collins is not totally to blame for the Titans 0-4 start (that blame goes on the defense), but it is obvious the team is not responding to him like they did last year.

Is Vince Young the answer? I have no clue, but the Titans have to find out if he is the quarterback they want to invest in long term and you can’t do that by letting him listen to his Ipod every Sunday.

He deserves his second and possibly last shot to show that he is the man the lead the Titans.

The Leg- ESPN stop with the Slurping of “God” Favre.

The thing that bothered me the most about the coverage of the Monday Night game between the Packers and Vikings was that ESPN made it appear that Favre had never played an NFL game in his life.

Say what you want about Favre the person, but Favre the player has always been a “great” quarterback. The only fault that you can say about Favre’s career is that he took too many risks which many times led to the other team getting the football. But is also that risk taking skill that made Favre great and enjoyable to watch for many years.

So to make it appear that Favre was a high school QB that all of sudden turned into Johnny Unitas is annoying. People just got tired of Favre’s waffling and his overall attitude. Truly unbiased media are concerned, if Favre can sustain this high level of performance the entire year. Report on that and leave the “bath water slurping” to the guys on twitter.

The Wing- Problems in Big D

People want to immediately jump on Tony Romo, but here are the facts it was the media and fans who proclaimed Romo to be the next Roger Staubach. Did Romo start to believe his own press clippings? I am not sure, but he took the easy way out in letting people put on the blame for his failures on Terrell Owens.

Now everyone is pointing fingers, but the situation is this. The Cowboys are an average team. Be happy if you are Cowboys fan if they make it to 9-7.

The Biscuit- The Calm T.O.

After T.O. had one minor slip up after the first week of the season in regards to his dealings with the media he has been on his best behavior even while the Bills season is collapsing and I think I know why.

T.O. never really wanted to be in Buffalo, but they were the only team willing to pay him what he was going to make in Dallas if he wouldn’t have been cut. It is a one year deal and he isn’t getting any younger. If he causes any type of issues his chances of getting another contract with a contending team are null and void.

If he can be on his best behavior while the team is collapsing it may lead teams to believe he has mature and he can squeeze a couple of more years out of a team closer to Super Bowl contention.

Also to all the people in the media writing articles hoping and praying from him to have a meltdown I have two words for you:


The Drink- Time to move on Ravens

I understand they are upset over some suspect calls, but it is time to move on. Unless they plan on buying Tom Brady’s skirt be more concern about what happened after the suspect calls.