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Brett Favre Gets Booed, But Has Last Laugh

I understand I really do. Brett Favre has done some shady things. Brett Favre is not the “aw shucks” guy that most fans thought he was for many years. Brett Favre is no “God”.

But the fact of the matter is this “Packer Fan” get over it.

Sports is a business. Players are never as good or as bad as they are perceived to be by fans. The Packer fans made the mistake of putting Brett on a pedestal thinking he was one of them. Brett Favre was never “one of them” he was a quarterback in the National Football League.

Similar to most players with massive egos when he got upset with the Packers organization for not keeping him on that pedestal that the fans had put him on he took his ball and left.

This isn’t the first time this has happened in professional sports. In fact it happens all the time, the only difference is in Green Bay they took it personally.

There is a fine line from thinking someone is a jerk or disliking them for things they do on and off the field and having an athlete actually effect you personally to the point you feel emotion like he was one of your kids.

That is what is weird about “Packer Fan”.

So I wasn’t surprised that Brett was booed. In essence Brett is the son who choose his “Step Dad” to be the best man at his wedding as oppose to his biological father.

In the end Favre got the revenge he has been seeking against the Packers for the last two years. He didn’t just play well he played like “Old Favre” which is sort of ironic because it was “Old Favre” the Packers wanted so badly to get rid of. You follow me?

*Video of Favre 51 TD Pass to Percy Harvin*