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Video: Brandon Spikes Should Be Suspended For Year For Eye Gouging Incident

Besides being the #1 team in the country the Florida Gators are also the #1 bath water slurped team in the country.

When Brett Favre watches Florida he is like:

“Man they are really bath water slurping Tim Tebow. Hey Chilly can you get me another beer?”

So I am not surprised they just happened to overlook All-American linebacker Brandon Spikes eye gouging a Georgia player this weekend like he was in the WWE.

If Oregon suspended Legarrette Blount for punching a player who was taunting him after a tough loss for a year, what should be the punishment for Spikes who intentionally trying to “Jeepers Creepers” a guy?

While Blount was wrong for punching the Boise State player in the face I totally understood why he did it. We have all been in situations where someone is in our face talking trash and we want to take a swing at them. Blount let his emotions get the best of him and he was punished (unfairly in my opinion).

Spikes on the other hand what is his motivation?

Besides just being a dirty player?

You poke someone in the eye even unintentionally it can have serious effects on that person vision, but when you stick all four of your fingers in someone facemask you are intentionally trying to do harm with to them.

In my opinion it is a more heinous act than what Blount did, but since Spikes plays for Florida and I am sure he asked Tim Tebow to talk to God for forgiveness I doubt anything will happened.

What should happen is that Spikes being suspended for rest of the year and the post season. You can’t let stuff like this go especially when other players are getting suspended for similar dirty acts. Urban Meyer should do the right thing, but we know that isn’t going to happen because he is too busy staring at his BCS rings.


Literally ten minutes after this story was posted Urban Meyer suspended Spikes for the first half of next week game against Vanderbilt.

Basically a slap on the wrist. Like I said above there was no way Florida or Urban Meyer was going to give any real punishment and because everyone just “loves” Florida no one will say a word.

At mininum he should have been suspended 2-3 games and I think he should have been gone for whole year based on how other college players have been treated for similar offenses.

*Update #2*

Tim Tebow obviously believes in an “eye for an eye”. He doesn’t feel that Spikes did anything that Georgia wasn’t doing to them.

Guess he missed the bible study class where they tell you to “turn the other cheek”