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The Football Gods Will Reward Bill Belichick For 4th Down Call

Do you believe in karma? I am a big believe that things happen for a reason. I believe you control your luck by your actions. I believe things are predestined. I believe it was written that Tom Brady would Wally Pipp, Drew Bledsoe.

But I also knew when the Patriots went from beloved underdogs to mega star favorites the football gods would have their revenge. First they were caught cheating. Then they went 18-0. only to lose in the Super Bowl. Finally the superstar QB who himself went from “Aw shucks” to “GQ” blew out his knee and the team went 11-5 only to see “quirky” NFL rules leave them out of playoffs.

Tonight I feel that Football Gods got their last piece of revenge and in turn the Patriots will be a better team.

There is a phrase I like to use and may have use over 400 times during this NFL & College Football season.

“The Football Gods favored the Bold.”

When Bill Belichick decided to try to “win” the game as oppose to do what everyone expected him to do, I stood up in my living room an applauded him.

The NFL and College ranks are filled with coaches who are scared to take chances. Scared to have confidence in their team. A lot of people will say Belichick didn’t have faith in his defense I say that he just had that much faith in his offense.

If I was a NFL player this is the type of coach I would want to play for, as oppose to one who kicks FGs on 4th and 1 in the opponents territory (yes I am talking to you Andy Reid).

Because of the bathwaterslurping society we live in, if the 4th down attempt would have been a success everyone would have been saying what a “bold” move Belichick made, but because it failed and people like to follow opinions they immediately said it was “stupid”.

Belichick took a calculated risk and failed, but in my opinion it will springboard the Patriots to bigger and better things. The facts are on 4th and 2 and shorter conversions rates are more than 50%. Yes they were deep in their own territory, but once again they were playing to win the game as oppose not to lose.

You think the Patriots care if they have to come back to Indy for the playoffs? You think the Patriots will be afraid to go anywhere in play? Because how can you play scared when you know you coach basically just gave a big F-U to the way things should be done.

Fans are manipulated by the media to think a certain way. They are told certain situations there should be “absolutes”. Luckily my mind has been detached from the Matrix for many years and I know there is no such thing as an “absolute” in sports.

Sometimes you just GO FOR IT and live with the results. The Patriots and Belichick lost the game, but in the end I believe they will win the war.

They have the Football Gods on their side.