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Terrell Owens Wants A 5 Million Dollar Contract…Good Luck

I understand what T.O. is thinking.  When Jake Delhomme and Charlie Whitehurst are getting five million plus why shouldn’t he?

When Nate Burelson, Jason Avant and Antonio Bryant are getting five million plus he should be getting at least that much?

Logically I see where he is coming from, but the reality is he is highly unlikely to get that amount of money.  But according to ProFootballTalk.com that is what he is looking for.

A lot of people assume it has to do with the amount of bridges he has burned over the years in the NFL and while that is a part of it, I think a bigger reason has to do with his age.

He is 37 years old and people just don’t want to invest money in an old receiver that comes with a lot of baggage.  I still think T.O. can play.

Can he be the T.O. of a few years ago?

That is debatable.

A wide receiver is only as good as his quarterback, so his season in Buffalo was hard to guage because his QBs were awful.

If I was T.O. I would lower my price  to the 2-3 million range and have several incentives included that if he plays like the old T.O. he can make his five million.

Until then he will be sitting at home working on his reality show.