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Warren Sapp Cleared of Battery Charge by Miami PD

The day before the Super Bowl former NFL Player and NFL Network Analyst Warren Sapp was arrested on suspicious of Battery of a former girlfriend.

The girlfriend (I use that term loosely) claimed that Sapp smacked her around a bit after Sapp became upset about how she was speaking with some other men.

Since his arrest Sapp was taken off the NFL Network and there has been stone cold silence since, but today the Miami PD said all charges are being dropped because of some suspect statements by the accuser. Here are the details:

A female acquaintance of Sapp’s alleged that she had an altercation with him at about 6 a.m. ET on Feb. 6 at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami Beach, where Sapp was staying while working for the NFL Network. The accuser told police detectives that she and her friends were partying with Sapp at the hotel when she grew tired and asked Sapp for his room key.

The woman said Sapp came to the room a few hours later, woke her up and they began to argue. According to the arrest affidavit, the woman claimed Sapp choked her, pushed her down on a couch, grabbed her by her shirt and neck and threw her down again. The affidavit also stated the accuser had a swollen knee and bruises on her neck.

According to a prosecution memo, further investigation uncovered problems with the victim’s account. For example, she told police that a man helped her walk down a hotel hallway, but surveillance video shows her walking with the man unassisted. She also told investigators that she had trouble walking after the alleged attack, but surveillance footage shows that she walked without a limp.

“Victim gave sworn testimony that she was in excruciating pain from the moment she fell on her knee and was teary-eyed while in the lobby moments after the incident,” the memo states. “However, there is a security witness who observed the victim giggling with an anonymous man, as well as walking in high heels without any trouble.”

In the immortal words of me:


If you are going to accuse someone of something makes sure you make accurate statements. I never say someone is lying unless I know for a fact, but when you tell the police you are crying and limping in the hotel and they see you giggling with other guy I can understand why they wouldn’t prosecute.

Once again when accusers do things like this it makes it more difficult for women who are actually abuse to come forward and even if they do come forward people tend not to believe them.

Always tell the complete truth whatever it is to the police if you want to be taken seriously.

As for Sapp since he has been exonerated he should get his job back, but if I was him I would cut down on the amount of “girlfriends” he has at one place at one time. Trying to juggle four girls during a Super Bowl weekend is a bit much. You aren’t Tiger Woods.