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NFL Draft Wrap-Up: NFC by Greg Smith

Here is my take on how NFC teams did in the draft this year.  I’m going to tell you all right up front: I am not Jon Gruden and do not believe every player  is going to be an All-Pro.  Was I too rough on your team?  Let me know.  Here goes:

Arizona Cardinals

Needs T/CB                                               

Impact Player Dan Williams DT, Tennessee                                               

Worst Pick Andre Roberts WR, The Citadel                                               

The Cardinals needed another receiver after losing Boldin this offseason but did they need this one?  Marty Gilyard, Riley Cooper, and Dezmon Briscoe were all on the broad when they picked Andre Roberts out of The Citadel.

Atlanta Falcons

Needs DE/LB

Impact Player Sean Weatherspoon LB, Missouri

Worst Pick Corey Peters DT, Kentucky

None of the players they drafted really jump out as guys that are future All-Pro players, but they did get a speedy linebacker in Weatherspoon.  I guess that’s something.

Carolina Panthers

Needs QB/WR

Impact Player Tony Pike QB, Cincinatti

Worst Pick Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame

You might think I messed up and reversed those two; you’d be wrong.  If Pike can stay healthy, he has a real chance.  Clausen on the other hand will be the next in the long line of ND busts.

Chicago Bears

Needs WR/S

Impact Player Major Wright S, Florida

Worst Pick Joshua Moore CB, Kansas State

The Bears didn’t even pick until #75 because of the Jay Cutler trade, so they needed to get value with every pick.  Wright will help their poor safety play.

Dallas Cowboys

Needs S/OT

Impact Player Sean Lee LB, Penn State

Worst Pick Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State

Stay with me here: Sean Lee will be a productive pro.  Dez Bryant reminds me of another Bryant; Antonio.  He had 26 of 29 TDs at home and 2 of those were in a bowl game.  Not a big game player, he will fit with the Cowboys nicely in that way.

Detroit Lions

Needs OT/CB

Impact Player Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska

Worst Pick Late round picks

Detroit got the best overall player in the draft in Suh.  However, every other pick was a reach or project.

Green Bay Packers

Needs OT/S

Impact Player Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa

Worst Pick Mike Neal DT, Purdue

Green Bay got a guy that just looks like should play for them in Bulaga and he should be solid.  2nd round picks need to contribute and Mike Neal won’t do that.

Minnesota Vikings

Needs CB/LB

Impact Player Chris Cook CB, Virginia

Worst Pick Every pick after Round 4

The Vikings actually addressed their need and got a CB.  The guys they drafted after the 4th round might not be on the team after next year.

New Orleans Saints

Needs LB/DL

Impact Player None

Worst Pick Patrick Robinson CB, Florida State

The Super Bowl champs (yeah, that’s still strange to write about the Saints) had what I like to call a “nothing draft.”  I’ll leave it at that.

New York Giants

Needs LB/DT

Impact Player Jason Pierre-Paul DE, South Florida

Worst Pick None

The “G-Men” had a solid draft if you judge mostly by addressing needs.  It remains to be seen, though, if Pierre-Paul can become productive or if he is just a workout wonder.

Philadelphia Eagles

Needs DB/OL

Impact Player Riley Cooper WR, Florida

Worst Pick Keenan Clayton LB, Oklahoma

I won’t lie, I don’t like any of the guys the Eagles took outside of Riley Cooper.  Call me crazy, but I’m not on the Brandon Graham bandwagon and don’t see him becoming like LaMarr Woodley out in Pittsburgh.

San Francisco 49ers

Needs OT/CB

Impact Player Mike Iupati OG, Idaho

Worst Pick Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers

The 49ers had an obvious plan to get tough players to bully people like you would expect from Mike Singletary.  I’m not a believer in Anthony Davis as a star, but he could be solid.  I just believe you have to get a potential star in the top of the 1st round.

Seattle Seahawks

Needs OT/S

Impact Player Earl Thomas S, Texas

Worst Pick Walter Thurmon CB, Oregon

In a move that upset Taylor Mays, the Seahawks took Earl Thomas – who is clearly better than Mays.  Mays is salty because his old college coach didn’t pick him… but Taylor couldn’t cover me.  As a safety in the NFL, you will need to cover.  Ask Roy Williams.

St. Louis Rams

Needs QB/WR

Impact Player Mardy Gilyard WR, Cininnati

Worst Pick Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma

The Rams got fooled into thinking that because they passed on Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan, they HAD to take Bradford.  Missing on a top pick QB will set your team back 5 years.  We’ll hear from them next in 2015.

Tampa Bay Bucs

Needs DT/WR

Impact Player Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma

Worst Pick None

The Bucs are another team that looked like it had a plan.  I like their plan.  McCoy gives them what they think is the Warren Sapp replacement they have been looking for.

Washington Redskins

Needs OT/S

Impact Player Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma

Worst Pick Everyone else

Trent Williams is a good pick to help protect McNabb.  The rest of the picks shouldn’t bother showing up to the facility.