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Why Is Shaq Singing Love Songs in a Wig? For Shaunie & The Basketball Wives?

I was all ready to go to bed.  It had been an interesting day.  Tiger & Phil at the Masters, Santonio Holmes getting traded to the Jets for a Rex Ryan Sweatervest, and last but not least the foolishness of the new VH1 reality show “Basketball Wives” (don’t know why it is even called that since only two of the women are married, but I digress).

As I am ready to shut down the laptop the BSO Blackberry starts buzzing with the variations of the following message:

Shaq is going Marbury on Ustream

I was hoping and praying no vaseline was involved, but decided to take a look anyway and this is what I see.

That caused me to sport a “Rock Eyebrow” for a few minutes.

Shaq lip synching to Rick James’ Fire and Desire in a wig at 1am was not the visual I expected or wanted to see.

Even more disturbing was this:

It’s one thing to mimic Rick James, but Aaliyah?   You don’t play around with Aaliyah, that’s babygirl right there RIP.  Isn’t anything sacred?

Why are you pouring water on yourself?  Put a shirt on for goodness sake, what is wrong with you man?

People deal with adversity in different ways and it appears Shaq’s way of dealing with his soon to be ex-wife Shaunie’s fame – and relationship with a much younger man – is by pulling a Starbury and trying to be funny.

Let me be the first to say that is a huge and monumental:


In the grand scheme of things, while Shaunie appears to be the RZA to the Basketball Wives’ Wu-Tang, Shaq is going out like U-God or that one Wu-Disciples CD no one bought (no word on who is the heavily slept on Inspectah Deck – maybe Royce Reed ).

*Check Out Video Of Royce Reed “Getting Low” For Ludacris & T.O. on Season Debut of Basketball Wives*

I am sure when Lebron sees this he will say (in his best 50 Cent voice):

“Damn Homie, in High School you were the man homie, what the hell happened to you?”

I do know one person that is pleased by this turn of events: