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Video: Utah Fan Owns Kobe Bryant During Jellybean Bryant Interview

I mentioned earlier this week that Kobe Bryant will never live down the LA Times Magazine photoshoot.  We even created a post dedicated to the numerous photoshops the pictures spawned.

Obviously Utah fans have seen the post and the pictures because during an interview with Kobe Bryant’s dad “Jellybean” Bryant, a fan decided if there was anyone in the world who hadn’t seen the pictures, they would now.

Watch the video above to see for yourself. I give the Jazz fans an “A” for effort, but to make it an all time classic they should have had multiple pics with the various photoshops. I expect the Suns fans to take note of that suggestion.

I have an interesting theory.  Kobe did not play particularly well against Oklahoma City, yet since these photos have come out he has been outstanding against the Utah Jazz.

Is it possible that Kobe is using the pictures as motivation?

Even the biggest of Kobe fans (or “Stans” depending on who you talk to) have had a good laugh at the photoshops.  Kobe haters have had a field day with them and will probably be using these pics until the end of time.

It never takes a lot to motivate legendary players.  You throw in all the attention that LeBron and his elbow have been getting, plus the whispers that Kobe is past his prime, and I can see Kobe in his Zoolander hat saying:

“I am going to show these M********rs”

With all that being said, these pictures will never get old: