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Happy Father’s Day…Check Out Athletes With The Most Illegitimate Kids

I am proud dad of a 6-year-old “Little Princess.” She is my only child and she just means the world to me.  I always get a little choked up on Father’s Day because your kids are your legacy.  When I look at my daughter’s face I see a smaller, little girl version of me … with a lot more hair.

I couldn’t imagine not being around her and sharing every important experience with her as she grows up.  So when someone forwarded me this list of athletes with the most illegitimate kids, I was a bit astounded.  I am exhausted just dealing with one child, it is hard for me to imagine having 5 or 6, by multiple women around the country.

With that being said, check out the list, I am sure there are a few missing:

Calvin Murphy – 14 kids by 9 women
Travis Henry – 11 kids by 10 women
Evander Holyfield- At least 11 children, 9 out of wedlock
Jason Caffey (NBA)- 10 children by 8 women
Willie Anderson (NBA)- 9 kids by 7 women
Antonio Cromartie- 8 Kids by 5 women
Shawn Kemp- 7 kids by 6 women (some rumors put these numbers much higher)
Marshall Faulk- Rumored to have 6 children by 3 women
Ray Lewis- Rumored to have 6 children by 4 women
Charles Rogers -NFL Draft bust reportedly has 5 illegitimate kids
Larry Johnson- 5 kids by 4 women; 3 are illegitimate

Calvin Murphy was getting it in down in Houston back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  14 kids by 9 women?  Those look like his points and assists numbers for his career.  Suffice to say, a lot of his kids have some bitterness toward him.

One of the greatest stories I have ever heard was that HBO was doing a story on Evander Holyfield and how dedicated he was to his ministry.  If you recall, Holyfield had a heart condition that many thought would force him to retire, but mysteriously corrected itself.

What was funny to me is while Holyfield was talking about doing the “Lord’s work,” his wife, his mistress, and another woman were all pregnant at the same time with his children.  Maybe he should have moved to Utah.

Lesson here is just because you create a child doesn’t make your a father, so before you create one just be sure you are ready for the responsibility of being a dad.

Happy Father’s Day.