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Video: Robert Littal At Blogs With Balls 3 in Chicago

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So I hopped on the BSO Jet (a.k.a. American Airlines) and headed to the Chi for the 3rd annual Blogs With Balls sports media conference.

I missed the first two, so when I got the invite from the guys from Hugging Harold Reynolds (the best sports website name of all time) asking me to be on a panel, I jumped at the opportunity.

It was a decision I will never regret.

The business that we are in is, for the most part, independent.  We are our own bosses.  We run our own ships.  We make our own rules.

Because of this tunnel vision, there are times we lose perspective and we don’t open our mind to other things.  When you bring all these different people together, it is just a wealth of knowledge.

Especially someone like me, who has been used to doing everything on his own for a long period of time.  It is good for me to hear the philosophies of others who have done it before, as well as those who are getting in the game.  Be it from ESPN telling me to do more videos to someone asking me about about Kim Kardashian’s ass.

It is good to hear what others in the profession think about BSO and how we have progressed.

We are the future of media, we are the ones creating the trends, we are the ones breaking the news, and we are the ones being bought up by corporate entities because they have decided, “If you can beat them, join them.”

We all don’t agree with each other (Spencer Hall and Jason McIntyre, I am talking to you), but I think there is a mutual respect among us all.

Watch the panel (listen to all of the BSO inside jokes that only my loyal readers know about) and tell me what you think of some of the takes, as well as me honoring Kobe Bryant’s Zoolander stylings.

You can watch all the panels here.

Can’t wait ’til the next one.  There are way too many people to thank, so I thank you all.