Carmelo Anthony Joins The Dunkin Hines Crew..For Calling Bomani Jones a “Hater” – BlackSportsOnline
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Carmelo Anthony Joins The Dunkin Hines Crew..For Calling Bomani Jones a “Hater”

Bomani Jones was on ESPN’s 1st and 10 today.  He was made some very rational comments about Carmelo Anthony not being a “Franchise Player”.  The interesting thing is while I respect Bomani a lot, our sports opinions vary a lot.  Nothing wrong with that, that is part of the business.

See I was taught you respect others opinions as long as they respect yours.

Carmelo Anthony though decided he wanted to be part of the Dunkin Hines Crew and called Bomani a “hater”.

Hater is the most overused term said by spoiled and sensitive athletes who can’t handle legit criticisms.   I decide to let my thoughts be heard via Twitter:

  • You being #moist people are allowed opinions RT @carmeloanthony: Hey twit fam. Let’s make a toast to another hater, Bomani Jones. Yaayyyyy.
  • What are wrong with these cats..just because someone disagree with you or is critical of a decision you make doesn’t make you a hater
  • These dudes are acting soft no wondered they all want to play in the treehouse together..won’t say jack about Skip, but going in on Bomani?
  • Stop worrying about what is going on 1st & 10 and wearing colorful sweaters & concentrate on getting out of 1st round of playoffs next year
  • I know what Melo was thinking “he a brother, he checked me out on BET Awards, he probably a groupie” then his panties got in a bunch
  • If Twitter is good for one thing, it reveals the Dunkin Hines in these cats..super insecure, super sensitive..Barbie band aid dudes
  • I am blaming this all on Vince Carter
  • Get a room already RT @carmeloanthony: @kingjames always remember, a hater is nothing but a fan. They just don’t know how to express it

Of course Lebron had to be involved in some way.

I don’t know if these guys think they are Tim Tebow and we are suppose to be asking for their autographs. Even Tebow doesn’t refer to himself in 3rd person as much as these NBA Players.

Our job is to give opinions based on logical facts.

We aren’t saying we are right or wrong but that is what we are paid to do. If you are going to be sensitive I will ship you a box of Kleenex. Don’t care if you are the King, Part of Young Money or like Colorful Sweaters when you are professional you call things as you see them.

What Bomani was doing wasn’t hating, it was called:


Athletes should worry more about doing their job and less about what is being said about them. The way to prove a critic wrong  is to prove it on the court.

Not by being a Twitter Gangster.