Jeff Van Gundy: “The Heat Will Break Bulls 72 Win Record, Might Win 33+ in a Row” – BlackSportsOnline
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Jeff Van Gundy: “The Heat Will Break Bulls 72 Win Record, Might Win 33+ in a Row”

The South Beach NWO has a new bangwagon fan and his name is Jeff Van Gundy. I am surprised he didn’t say they would go 82-0 while he was raining down the compliments.

Lets take a look at what JVG said and I will give my thoughts on how plausible they are:

They will break the single-season win record [of 72],” Jeff Van Gundy said. And I think they have a legit shot at the Lakers’ 33-game [winning] streak [in 1971-72], as well. And only the Lakers have even a remote shot at beating them in a playoff series. They will never lose two games in a row this year.

They have put together a much better roster than anybody could ever have expected,” Van Gundy added.

There is now no good way to defend them. They are unguardable. They are indefensible. They are just too good and have added so much shooting and are so versatile that they will score at will.

And with Erik Spoelstra coaching, they will be in the top three defensive teams in the league, as well. The other 29 teams better hope the lockout gets moved up a year.”

I didn’t know at first if it was a quote from Van Gundy or Mike Tyson, but I digress. The question is how plausible are his predictions?

Bulls 72 win record:

I think that is actually doable, but not in the 1st year of the South Beach NWO. By the time they really figure out how to play with each other they will have loss too many games to make a run at it. Now year two or three when they have been together for awhile I think they have a great shot at getting that record, if they can keep all their egos in check and everyone stays healthy.

33 Wins in a row:

Don’t think that will happen.  In reality there are only like 4 or 5 teams with legit chances to win the NBA Title, but there are a lot of good NBA teams who want to play the Four Horsemen to the NWO.

Plus Miami will have a “X” on their chest wherever they go and it will be hard for them to keep up their intensity for a 33 game stretch.

They are indefensible and unguardable:

If that was the case why even play the season? No one is indefensible. They will be very difficult to defend, but not impossible.

The truth is until the Heat play a game it is hard to say how this scientific experiment will work, but Van Gundy is on board early with his bathwaterslurping of the South Beach NWO.