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Whose to Blame Terrelle Pryor or Tim Tebow For Eye Black Ban?

There was an article written by The Morning Journal that caught my eye. The title was “Pryor restraint: No more eyeblack messages” Want to guess what its about?

Yes, its about eyeblack…The NCAA is banning using it with any message. The writer says:

“Due in part to Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, college players will no longer be allowed to use eyeblack to show their allegiances to Bible verses, their hometown area codes or pro quarterbacks who promoted dogfighting.”

Whats up with how writer mentions Pryor by name and pokes fun at vick’s dogfighting conviction.

Why didn’t he mention any other prominent players?

Cough, Tebow…

To be fair, Pryor is most recognizable player who will be affected , Tebow is long gone. Don’t forget, Tebow had scripture on eyeblack, nothing really controversial about that. Pryor had Mike Vick on eyeblack, safe to say more people would take offense to it or at very least question it. I believe higher ups in NCAA took offense and decided to act upon this incident. Here is Pryor on Vick incident…

What does Pryor think about rule?
“I think that’s because of me,” Pryor said with a laugh. “You can’t even have the Block O. … But I think it’s taking away from the game and the fun of the game.”

He said the magic words, its taking away from the game. Its just something players do for luck or in some case pride and ultimately what is on your eyeblack is irrelevant or goes unnoticed. Unless you have helmet off and camera in your face most people can’t see it clearly. Obviously, somethings should be questioned. If a kid has: KKK, 1st Rd pk, ex’s BBM pin on eyeblack then i’m in favor for NCAA or coaches do something about it.

Of course, Mr.Sweater-vest himself, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel has input:

“Abuse brings control. I guess the feeling is it was abused as to the intent of having eyeblack. So now we can’t even have a logo.”

Honestly, NCAA got bigger fish to fry than policing how kids dress. Coming off the USC sanctions and currently interviewing various programs for violations, they should focus on cleaning that part of college football up.

To think, next year they are going after Celebrating/taunting. If  a player begins to taunt on 1yd line even though everyone is 80yds behind him then the play is going to be whistled dead at the spot. Sooner of later they’ll disallow juking out defender because it embarrasses defenders. Ok, thats a bit extreme but wouldn’t be surprised if something like that happens, its the NCAA after all…

Now nice vid on meaning of eyeblack..SMH at NCAA…Apparently Reggie Bush may have started trend…

Written by Jovan. Can follow him on twitter.