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Ben Roethlisberger Says He Thought About Retiring

With scandals sometimes it is better to be out of sight, out of mind.

Roethlisberger had his scandal, didn’t get charge, was suspended and from that point on he was ghost. There wasn’t story.

Roethlisberger suspension is now over and instead is trying to lay low, while things like “Lil” Favre and Randy Moss dominate the news, he decides to do an exclusive interview Merrill Hodge.

Here is what he said:

“There was a time when I was going through all this that I contemplated not playing anymore. I didn’t want to be Big Ben anymore. And I know that’s what goes along with being No. 7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Roethlisberger said on NFL Live. “So part of me, I can admit didn’t want to play anymore. And go coach or do something else.”

Roethlisberger went on to express regret for what happened in Milledgeville, Georgia, but had strong words about his legal case.

“I will tell you this. I never have and never will harm a female in the way I was accused. . . . I would never hurt a female like that, never.”

My reaction:

I hope when they did the psychological evaluation on Roethlisbergerm they tested him for multiple personalities. The whole “I didn’t want to be Big Ben” thing is silly to me and you don’t change who you are in six months.

I hope that he is smarter, but he is not going to get me to feel sorry for him, by playing “that was the darkside of me” card.

And his last line about he would “never hurt a female like that”.

What exactly does that mean? I didn’t hear him say he didn’t strong arm her in the bathroom. What it sounds like he is saying is I didn’t “rape” her, but the way it is worded doesn’t suggest he wasn’t taking liquored up college girls in the “Burger King” bathroom for a little fun.

My advice to Roethlisberger, be quiet and play football. You aren’t making yourself look better by talking.