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Caption The Pic: Randy Moss and Tom Brady

Brady in his Antonie Dodson Voice: “You Dumb, you really really dumb.”

Moss: “I know, have you been using that shampoo that Ray Lewis been promoting or is that body lotion you smell good”

Moss: “If I get myself released will Bill take me back.”

Brady: “Sure Buddy” *thinks to self not a chance in hell”

Brady: “Pay up I told you Favre wouldn’t make it through the entire game.”

Moss: “I got you, straight cash homie.”

Moss: “I got some Justin Beiber tickets you want to go with me tonight?”

Brady: “I have to check with the wife”

Brady: “You on Lebron List?”

Moss: “Yep”

Brady: “Me too”

Moss: “You see him on Media Take Out?”

Brady: “Yeah, you know I hit Kim Kardashian right?”

Moss: “I thought she only liked brothers?”

Brady: “I got Creole in my family it was close enough”.