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Video: HS Basketball Coach Marlon Dorsey Caught Whipping Players With Belt

What in the blue hell is going on here?

I went to Catholic elementary school and the nuns were real serious about beating you down with eight rulers taped together (yes I am scarred), but I tell you right now if any of my High School coaches pulled out a belt on me I would be throwing blows.

I know the popular phrase is “cracking the whip” but it isn’t to be taken literally.

Here are the details:

A six-second mobile phone video shows one of the whippings at Murrah High School in Jackson, Mississippi .The man in the video is head basketball coach Marlon Dorsey. Mr Dorsey allegedly whipped players on the buttocks with a 2-4kg belt during practice for failing to run plays correctly. He also allegedly told them if they did not accept the punishment they would be dismissed from the team, and called them names like “wimp” and “sissy”.

“I was in total shock and awe. I couldn’t believe it,” said Gary Love, a parent of a Murrah High Sophomore basketball player.

Love and Hubbard said they witnessed Coach Dorsey whip the boys three or more times each using a weightlifting built. A weightlifting belt is at least three times thicker than an average belt.

Why am I not surprised this was in Mississippi.

Do you know how thick a “weight lifting belt” is? Next time you go to the gym ask them to show you one. Dorsey doesn’t just need to be fired, he needs to be in jail.

This is assault with a deadly weapon. If I was one of the fathers I would see if Dorsey would want to take on someone his own size.

Sickening display and I hope he is behind bars soon.