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Jenn Sterger’s Lawyer: “Brett Favre Getting Preferential Treatment”

Jenn Sterger if you read BSO (and I know you do) here is a piece of advice:


I am starting to think her representatives are on a Marcia Clark level and that isn’t a compliment. They do know they are dealing with Brett Favre? There is a reason he is called “God” Favre, it is going to take more than some “package” pics to take him down.

I tell people all the time it wasn’t the multiple porn stars that caused Tiger Woods downfall, it was the voicemail that was the smoking gun. He could have denied everything else. While Favre did have a voicemail of his own it was nowhere as incriminating as Tiger’s. Without a smoking gun there was no way the NFL was ever going to touch Favre and Sterger’s lawyer just figured this out.

Joseph Conway, the lawyer for Jenn Sterger, said the NFL is clearly giving Brett Favre preferential treatment during its investigation of the Viking quarterback’s alleged sexual harassment of Sterger, NBC’s Pro Football Talk reported Tuesday.

“(Favre) is a high-profile athlete and a star in this league. He did do it or he didn’t do it. There are lots of reasons to believe he is getting preferential treatment,” Conway told Sports Business Daily.

The league is probing the allegations as a possible instance of sexual harassment.

But Tuesday marks two years since Favre last contacted Sterger. Under New Jersey law, a sexual harassment lawsuit must be filed within two years of the alleged misconduct.

If Conway does not file anything Tuesday, he could risk any eventual claim being dismissed.

Critics have suggested in recent weeks that Goodell is purposely delaying a decision on the matter out of respect to Favre, and to avoid having to punish the future Hall of Famer.

I believe that NFL is doing exactly what the Sterger’s lawyer is suggestion, but he should have figured that out months ago.

Instead of playing around with the NFL and trying to extort Favre, if they wanted a money grab, they should have immediately filed a lawsuit against everyone and waited for someone to settle.

At his point Sterger is going to be left with is high legal bills and a bunch of old man package pics.

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